Len Wong is a consulting partner with Cann Help Clinics and believes that every patient deserves an effective treatment plan for their medical condition. Working as a consultant with the clinic’s team of highly trained physicians, Len Wong draws on more than sixteen years of experience in genetics research and the development of medical marijuana.

Beginning his education with medical cannabis consulting under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR), Len also serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

As a genetics enthusiast, Len has cultivated specialty cannabis strains for the Canadian climate, while perfecting growing strategies to optimize the plant’s genetic code. Using Canadian specific strains bred to be mildew and pest resistant have allowed his clients to grow not just high-yield but high-quality medicinal cannabis.

Len derives great satisfaction in finding solutions that will benefit the patient’s health and deliver effective relief.   

Each strain of cannabis has different key cannabinoids that provide relief for different ailments. “Based on the lineage of the genetics,” says Len, “we can determine which strains can be used to find the best solution possible. I also consult with other breeders and growers to compare notes on our research.”

Outside of his work with Cann Help Clinics, Len Wong owns and operates two additional Toronto-based businesses,  The Grow Depot, which provides cannabis growing products best suited for the Canadian climate, and Genetix Consulting, which specializes in cannabis-focused genetic research and development of cannabis.

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